Tower clocks

Clock towers are today mostly admired for their utility to a common man. A big clock placed at the centre of a small town or a village with hourly bell striking is popularly known as Time Square or “ Ganta Ghar. People gather near the Bell clock towers during morning and evening to relax.
We at INDIAN CLOCKS committed to provide world class Tower Clocks for your clock towers with most advanced features. We provide GPS facility to your clock towers. With our GPS facility your Tower clock  will receive time signals from satellite and will display IST (Indian Standard Time) round the clock. Tower clock will serve as time centre to the entire area in your city or town. We will create a landmark to your buildings with our tower clocks.

We manufacture tower clocks as per ISO 9001 : 2008 Standards. All the internal components are certified as per CE certification and used in our tower clocks.

This is a Open dial Tower clock. This clock is installed at Vedanta Academy at Malavli near Lonavla – Pune in Maharashtra State. This is a 9 feet diameter clock installed on a wall surface. This works with 220 Volts AC Electric power.

This is a 6 feet Tower clock Tower clock with GPS facility. This tower clock has been installed by us for a School at Singapore. This clock has dial back light facility. The dial will be illuminated during night times and the time will be clearly visible during night times. The dial is with Arabic Numbers and minute markings also provided.

This is a four sided Tower clock. The size of the clock dial is 12 feet diameter. There are 4 Nos. Clocks on four sides of the clock tower. This clock is equipped with GPS facility and Hourly bell system. This clock works with 220 Volts AC Single Phase electric power. This 4 side tower clock is installed at Muddenahalli for Sri Satya Sai Educational Institutions – Karnataka State – INDIA.

This is a 9 feet dia four sided tower clock. This tower clock has been repaired by us with new GPS Movements and the clock is working find at National Defence Academy-NDA-Khadakwasla in Pune.
Night vision of this tower clock. The dial numbers are fixed with White LEDs and the clock Hour hand and Minute Hand is equipped with RED- LEDs. White LED numbers with RED – LED hands looks great at night times.


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