Pillar clocks

Pillar clocks are mostly installed at traffic Islands as a time display units for commuters and travelers passing through the clock site.Pillar Clocks also create a landmark for the locations. Pillar clocks normally customized with the sponsors name and logo. In most of the places, pillar clocks are installed by Lions Clubs, Rotary clubs, Leo clubs and MNCs to establish their social activities towards human comforts.

A four side dials Pillar Clock on a Traffic Island becomes a time center and serves as a landmark for the Entire location. Mostly the Pillar clocks are with closed dials and with dial back lighting to display time even during night times.

Every pillar clock will have a dome shaped structure above the clock dials. This top doom can be made as per the requirement of clients. Can be made with artistic features as per the designs available with us.

We at INDIAN CLOCKS manufacture Pillar clocks as per ISO standards as our works are ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified and we follow strict quality norms during manufacturing process.

As a Manufacturers we can customize the Pillar clocks as per your specific design.

This is a four side clocks Pillar clock. This Pillar clock is installed in Veterinary college at Vepery in Chennai-Tamilnadu – INDIA. The total height of the Pillar clock from the ground level is 13 feet height. The clocks are of 2 feet diameter and the clocks are provided with GPS facility and with dial back light. This clock has been sponsored by the Alumni Association of TANUVAS – Chennai.

This Pillar clock is with 4 side clocks. Each clock is of 2 feet diameter and with roman numbers on the clock dials. This Pillar clock is of 15 Feet total Height from the ground level. This works with 220 Volts AC electric power. The dials are with dial back lights for night time visibility. This clock is provided with GPS connectivity and the time on all the four sides will display uniform time with satellite connectivity. There will not be any time deviation from one clock to another clock. This Pillar clock serves as time centre to the entire area of installation.

This is a four sided clocks Pillar clock. The dials are with Arabic Numbers from 1 to 12 with dial back lighting for night time visibility. The clock is designed to work with 220 Volts AC Electric power. The clock is provided with GPS time signals and there is a weather vane on top of the clock dome to show the wind velocity and wind direction with weather cock.
This pillar clock has been installed in an Engineering College near Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu State – India.

This is a four side clocks Pillar clock. The base pillar is a concrete structure with tiles cladding provided round the pillar. The clock above the pillar is one meter diameter dials for the four side clocks. This has GPS facility and dial back light facility. This clock has hourly bell system and produces bells at every hour. The clock dial is customized with the clients name. This clock has been installed for Balurghat Municipality in West Bengal State in India.


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