Drum Clocks

Drum clocks are designed to work with 220 Volts AC electric power. The clocks are equipped with stepper motor driven brass gear movement enclosed in a container.The size of these clocks can be a minimum of 18 inches (1 and ½ feet) diameter and a maximum of 4 feet diameter.

The shapes of the clocks can be round shape clocks or square shape. We can also provide hexagonal shape to the drum clocks. We can also design and fabricate drum clocks as per your specific designs.

Being a manufacturer we can produce and install the clocks suitable for your specific requirement.Drum clocks are suitable for large work floor, marriage halls, convention halls, conference halls, Bus stations, Railway station Platforms, Airports, passenger waiting halls, Shops, Business establishments, Hotels, Hospitals and  for individual houses or villas to create a unique identity.

Drum clocks will have hour hand and minute hand to show time. There will not be seconds hand on these clocks. Our drum clocks are designed to work both indoor as well as outdoor applications. Our drum clocks are weatherproof and anti-corrosive clocks. Suitable for all seasons and occasions both for indoor as well as outdoor time display. We can also provide GPS facility to these drum clocks. So that the clocks will work with satellite connection and you can have accurate time with GPS facility.

This is a dial design for a drum clock. The size of the drum clock can be 2 feet to 4 feet. The dial can be either with Arabic numerals from 1 to 12 or with Roman numbers from I to XII. We can also customize the clocks with your LOGO on the dial. The clocks will have GPS facility and dial back light for night time visibility. The clocks can be mounted on the wall surface or can be fixed on the ceiling with anchor bolts.

This drum clock is of 3 feet diameter. The dial is a typical roman dial with minute marking. We provide GPS facility to the clock and also dial back light facility for night time visibility. Can be manufactured as per your required dimensions. We can customise this clock with your company name or LOGO.

This is a 2 and half feet diameter double side clock dials drum clock. The drum is made out of Brass sheet metal and polished with Brass coating. There is a ring provided on the top side of the clock body. With this ring the clock can be made to hanging from the ceiling of your room or can be fixed on a big hall or in a corridor. This is a roman dial clock. We can also provide Arabic numbers. The clock is provided with GPS facility. Clock will be designed to work with 220 Volts AC electric power. We provide battery back-up for this clock to work during power cut times.

This drum clock is with Stainless Steel body. This is a double side drum clock with two side dials. The clock can be installed outdoor. This is a weather proof and anti-corrosive SS body. This clock is provided with GPS facility and dial back lights. Suitable for outdoor installations. Works with 220 volts AC electric power and fixed with battery back-up.


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