Digital clocks with Time, Temperature & Humidity display

This is a Digital display unit with Date display on the first line of display. The date has DD : MM : YY (Date : Month : Year) format. The Second Line of display is the Time. The time displayed with HH : MM : SS (Hours : Minutes : Seconds). The functional parameters are displayed with White Vinyl Sticker and only the display segment is displayed with RED – 7 segment LED display. This unit works with GPS facility for time and date display. We use high accuracy and self calibrated temperature sensors to display temperature prevailing in and around the digital unit area. This unit is designed to work with 220 Volts AC. Single Phase electric power.
If you want Humidity display we can add this parameter on the display board and display Humidity in % RH. Humidity is known as the amount of Moisture or water particles available in the atmosphere near the display board installed area.

This is a Temperature and Humidity display board. This works with 220 Volts AC Electric power. This display is equipped with high accuracy Temperature and Humidity sensors to detect temperature and Humidity in the surrounding area where this display unit is installed.
The display can be any big size with LED – Red 7 segment display as per the requirement of the client.


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