Digital – Production Display Boards

Industrial production units should keep a watch on the production targets. Every production unit will set a target to achieve in every shift of production.Employer set the production targets based on their supply and delivery commitment. It is mandatory to the production department to achieve the set Targets with their employees.
Production display digital boards can be supplied as per your set parameters.
Normally there will be three layer display on the production display boards.
First and top most layer will display TARGET.
Second Layer display will be ACTUAL.
Third Layer display will be DIFFERENCE.
All the three functions of the production will be displayed with LED – 7 segment displays.
The size of the LED display can be as big as possible to display the actual production status at a given shift.
We can also customize the production display with your company name and Logo on the display.
We can also include Date and time on the production display boards. So that the work floor staff can be aware of the time left to achieve the set targets.
These Production display indicators will not only creates an awareness on the employees on the work commitments but also regulate the entire production to achieve the set production targets.
The production display units can be displayed in your computers and maintain the data in your computers.Production display boards are very much important to display the actual production status in any factory where supply commitments for local as well as international supply.


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