Digital Foreign Exchange Boards with BUY & SELL rates

Foreign Exchange  boards will have country names or country Flags as symbolic representation of the respective country. The name of the currency will also be displayed with the flags of respective countries.
There will be two more columns with “ BUY”  and “ Sell”. These are nothing but the currency buying rates and selling rates. These buying and selling rates are decided by Reserve Bank of India on day to day basis as per the international Dollar rate.  Some times the buying and selling rates will change twice a day as per the guidelines from Reserve bank of India.
We manufacture forex boards suitable for currency exchange companies with as small as 12 country buy sell rates and as big as 30 country currency buy sell rates.
The buy sell can be edited or Altered on day to day basis as per Reserve bank of India guidelines. The changing of rates can be with your system connectivity or with a computer Key board interface. Just connect your currency display board to a key board with data cable and alter the rates as per your choice.
We will install a windows based software in your system with this software you can change or alter the currency buy and sell values as and when the currency values changes. 
Alternatively if you want to operate with key board alone, we can supply a key board or you can use any key board and change the currency values as per your choice. In this case there is no necessity for a system connection.


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