Digital Hourly bell system with slogans for Temples-Churches-Mosque

Our Hourly Bell system can be installed in Hindu Temples. This is not only gives hourly bells but will produce Hindu religious songs,  Slogans or even bajans after bell sound.We can customize these bell system to suitable for your temples and GOD in that particular temple.

We can also provide hourly bell system to Church. For church we can supply and install  Hourly bells system. The number of bells will be as per the time. For Example at 6’0 clock in the morning there will be 6 bells sound and at noon there will be 12 bells and so on. The number of bells will be as per the time. After the bells sound we will produce bible slogans and bible sayings as per your church.

For Mosque also we can provide pre-recorded Urudu Holy Quran sayings after the bell sound.Our Bell sound system will work with GPS connectivity. That is the bell system will produce bells sound exactly as per Indian standard time. There will not be any time deviation on the bells time.

Our bell system will work with 220 Volts AC. Electric power. Just connect our hourly bell system to the AC electric power with 220 Volts AC Single phase electric power. You should have an Amplifier and outdoor speakers to deliver the pre-recorded bell system and the slogans.

We can supply and install the entire bell system with GPS connection and Amplifier with Speakers in total and will come to your temple / Church / Mosque and install the hourly bell system as per your requirement.


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