Digital clocks with GPS facility

Time plays a vital role in every official and commercial establishments. No management can afford to loose time. This is the prime reason most of the established companies provide Bio-Metric attendance system to create an awareness among the employees to come to the work spot on time all round the week days and perform their works as per their working hours schedule. Timely delivery of products and services, time conscious among the employees is the most critical factor.  

Shocking factor on time loss in every organization :A minute loss per employee per hour will result about 8 minutes loss in a day of 8 hours work. Which result in 240 minutes loss in a  month which is almost 4 hours of productivity loss for the management.  So it is very important to realize the importance of right time at the work places. “ Uniform time “ should be maintained. In the entire campus.     

“Time is Money” is the Proverb and fact as well. But loosing time is as good as loosing Money and the revenue to the management. We provide GPS clocks  to your facility to ensure that the entire facility will have accurate time at your work place. Irrespective of the distances between the clocks, all the clocks installed in your organization will display GPS  time all round the year.


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